In Memory or In Honour Tributes

Honour someone special

Tributes in Memory or in Honour

In Memory or In Honour Tributes

Honor someone special by paying tribute and celebrating their life. By doing so, you are helping to create a lasting legacy in their name.

By donating or fundraising to support Variety the Children’s Charity, you are helping to change the lives of special needs kids and their families all over BC.

You can get involved by:

  • Making a donation to an existing Tribute

  • Creating your own Tribute page and inviting friends and family to fundraise to the Tribute

The donation you give or the fundraising you do means so much to BC families with special needs kids. Every little bit that you do helps us support them!

Since 2010, Variety BC has distributed more than $30 million in funding to families and organizations in communities province-wide. Variety’s core grant areas with funds going towards mobility programs, specialized therapies, mental wellness, educational programs and bursaries for learning disabilities along with life-saving medical equipment and supplies. Variety’s goal is to always work towards their vision so that every child with special needs throughout the province can achieve their full potential and thrive.